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"This CD is amazing. If I'm feeling low I put it on and get instantly energized and positive. It's better than medicine! The music is beautiful, meaningful and lifts my soul."



"Ohr Chadash is my favorite CD. The songs are beautiful and very inspiring. I am very excited to see that the album is offered on this site so that as many women as possible can be exposed to this heartfelt music - both the lyrics as well as the musical compositions."



...You have been a source of strength and have helped me. . .to grow. . .and to strive to become closer to Hashem!”


"Ohr Chadash is one of the most inspiring Jewish CDs I've heard to date. Every composition from Ayelet HaShachar is unique and memorable and brings me closer to GD. If you are looking for a women's CD that moves and transforms your spirit, then this is the one!"


"Music that speaks to my soul, uplifts me, and connects me to what it means to be a Jewish woman. The music takes me from wanting to get up and dance and sway to a very deep, internal, intimate journey where I reconnect with my Creator. I love your music!”



"Ayelet HaShachar's songs are our kvitlach...our heartfelt prayers to Hashem placed between the stones of the Wall"

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