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Ayelet Hashachar Jewish Women's Music Band



     Lisa Aronson Friedman        Stephanie (Tamar) Rabinowitz        Shalomis Koffler Weinreb 


The Jewish all women’s band, Ayelet HaShachar, creates original Jewish music by women for women. The trio is known for its inspiring, strengthening original songs, amazing blend of three-part vocal harmonies and melodic guitar and piano arrangements. The band draws on a lifetime’s worth of experience and musical backgrounds that include folk, classical, musical theatre, Jewish music, blues and jazz. As much a loving sisterhood as a band, Ayelet HaShachar had its premier performance in 2001. For a timeline history of the band, click here.



Ayelet HaShachar​  Jewish Women's Band

About the band




Lisa, on keyboards and vocals, is a classically-trained pianist, and as a student at Oberlin College, sung with the Oberlin College Chorus.


Stephanie (Tamar), on vocals, studied voice, theatre and movement at New York's Circle-in-the Square Studio, and worked in theatre in New York City and Baltimore.

Shalomis, on guitar, vocals and percussion, has been a professional musician most of her adult life, including producing and recording her own CDs, as well as touring nationally and internationally.







Lisa, Stephanie (Tamar) and Shalomis abide by the laws of Kol Isha.  


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