Benefit concert for Carmel fire
Ayelet HaShachar Jewish Womens Music
At Kever Rochel
After June 26, 2005 concert
Performing in the Old City Jerusalem
Lisa with audience in Jerusalem
In tribute to our dear Dina B., a"h
Onstage at Heichal Shlomo
Shalomis performing in the Old City
AH-Tofa'ah 2005 concert Stand Up
Shalomis & Yona -Tofa'ah '05 concert
In Nachlaot Yerushalayim
Our teen following
Lisa with Dave Vergauwen in studio
Ayelets-Shira F., Haiya R., Miryam R
AH & Young Israel concert organizers
Stephanie onstage in Jerusalem
Dancing at Jerusalem concert
Stephanie & daughter Haiya in studio
Shalomis on djembe drum
Lisa at keys in studio
Shalomis recording in studio
Stephanie in studio
Jeff Order, our Producer
Frank Young, our drummer
Dave V. in Studio B
Freddie Louden, our bass player
AH with Freddie in studio
Lisa with Dave in his studio
Shalomis with electric in studio
In Nachlaot Yerushalayim
Shalomis on slide guitar
See no, hear no,speak no lashon hara
Ayelet Hashachar waits for the bus
Hareeoo download card cover
Silence of Job download card cover
Home in the Promised Land Concert
Matan Seminary Concert in Jerusalem
Young fan's drawing of AH performing
AH mug Jewcer campaign gift

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